Chemical Delivery System

Chemical delivery system allows operators to seamlessly distribute pre-selected chemicals to other process tools with ease. This provides many advantages such as the ability to control impurity levels with consistency, decrease in chemical spillages, increase in safety standards and better efficiency.

Our chemical delivery system is also capable of blending chemicals to the necessary ratio and specifications. This allows our clients greater convenience and flexibility for their production needs.

2010-2014 Design, supply and install chemical and waste collection system - 8km chemical piping; 46 tonnes of equipment installationPenang, Malaysia
Waste Chemical Collection System Installation for semiconductor chips Songjiang, China
2008-2010Design, supply and install chemical and waste collection system and associated distribution pipingJohor, Malaysia
2011Supply and install chemical storage, process system and distribution pipingSingapore

Allows for safe & precise distribution of chemicals from source. Our system also allows for greater control over volume required and a range of adjustments.

Our chemical mixing system grants operators the ability to safely mix concentrated chemicals within an enclosed system to deliver the needed composition. The mix may be kept at the set proportion if need be.

In handling chemicals, our qualified team will select the correct pipe material that is suitable for the chemical properties. We will oversee the installation of the bulk chemical delivery system to ensure that all work is up to regulation standards and to safeguard against any errors during set up.