Care For Business

Driving strong growth and delivering sustainability profitability is one of the key objectives of Kelington.

Our 2024 Target & KPI

The charts below show the key financial highlights of our last five years performance:

Revenue514,554394,599379,768350,023 313,333343,344206,356 189,102
Profit Before Tax35,694 20,94531,57925,00417,16210,071-2,0555,219
Profit After Tax29,70017,59123,92018,31511,5418,827-2,5215,149
Shareholders' Funds192,747168,329155,534116,21578,47566,99359,39959,334
Net Assets Per Share0.300.520.50.430.340.300.270.27
Basic Earning Per Share6.

Kelington believes in long term competitive advantages and value creation can only be achieved via technology investment and operational innovation. We adopt a Technology and Innovation framework to prioritize our efforts and drive the innovation initiatives to the focus areas. This framework focuses on three key areas which are demonstrated as below:


Kelington believes that digitalization is not only an IT topic but an overall organizational transformation that impacts every part of the business. We advocate that smart application of business digitalization will lead to significant increase in business productivity and cost reduction, thus result in business performance improvement. With this concept in mind, Kelington endeavors to look for ways to digitalize the operation processes, from corporate activities right down to the project and manufacturing activities. Some of the projects implemented or being planned include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), online bidding platform, smart Human Resources (HR) system and others.

Research & Development

Kelington’s Engineering business especially the UHP division operates in a high-tech environment which see constant advancement in new technology. We have to roll out new products design and offer to our customers in order to stay competitive in the market. We had set up a Research and Development center in China to focus on developing new UHP equipment to support our other subsidiaries in their biding for the new UHP contracts. This R&D center which is located at Chuzhou, China had so far submitted two applications for patents of our new innovations of high-low temperature-controlled exchanger and specialty gas cabinet together with its exhaust system.

Continuous Improvement

KGB promotes Continuous Improvement in our day-to-day activities such as productivity, safety, quality, logistics, environment and ethics. We conduct training session to our employees to cultivate and have this Continuous Improvement mindset embedded as part of our corporate culture. We review our operations data regularly to check their performance against design data and conduct brainstorming sessions to look for ideas to enhance the performance of different parts of the business. Continuous Improvement is listed as one of our Core Values alongside with Encouraging Innovation, Build Partnership and Work Safely & Sustainably.

To maintain high quality standards throughout our operations, KGB adopt the approach of conducting our business activities based on international quality and food safety standards. Our Engineering business which carries out project management and construction activities is certified under ISO 9001 quality system. Our Gas manufacturing business which supplies products to food industry is certified with ISO 9001, FSSC 22000 and Halal certification.

Our 2024 Targets & KPI

Corporate Governance

Kelington is committed to maintaining sound corporate governance in our company as we believe it is critical to ensure long-term viability and sustainable business growth. We are guided by the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance in ensuring the principles and best practices of good corporate governance are applied throughout the Group.

Business Ethics

In keeping with the principles of sound corporate governance, Kelington is committed to promote a culture of integrity and ethical values within the Group. To achieve this objective, we have put in place a number of Company codes and policies that establish the rules of conduct within the organisation; representing the main points of reference for all who work for and with us.