We Engineer a sustainable society and promote well-being for all people

What Sustainability Means to Us

Sustainability holds paramount importance at Kelington Group (“Kelington” or “the Group”), where Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations guide our every action. We recognise our impact on the environment and natural resources as we pursue our organisational goals. Our commitment extends to upholding the quality of our products and services for our valued customers, while delivering sustainable value to our stakeholders.

At Kelington, we are committed to establishing a robust framework of policies, dedicated committees, and management systems. These structures, along with regular process reviews, are designed to uphold the highest levels of integrity and transparency at our management practices. We prioritise regular employee training and engagement to ensure that Kelington’s sustainability approach is not only well understood but also effectively implemented across the Group.

In essence, sustainability at Kelington means conscientiously balancing our business objectives with our responsibility towards environmental stewardship, social welfare, and ethical governance. Through our unwavering commitment to sustainable practices, we aim to make a positive impact on the world around us while fulfilling our obligations to all our stakeholders.

Our Vision For Engineering a Sustainable Society

Various issues exist in the society surrounding Kelington, including environmental challenges such as climate change, energy, and resources depletion; as well as social matters including unequal opportunities and digital divide. Keeping that in mind, Kelington strives to contribute and become part of the solution as we build a sustainable society for future generations.