Bulk Gas Delivery System

Our bulk gas delivery system are designed to provide the ultimate option in both safety and purity. The system can be equipped with gas cabinets, valve manifold boxes/panels, purifiers, blending systems, and exhaust systems to better fit our clients specifications. Our delivery system and equipment are held to the highest standards of quality and safety ensuring a smooth flow in the workplace.

Capable for use in a wide range of applications in various industries such as semiconductor, electronics, oil & gas and general manufacturing, our bulk gas delivery systems set the benchmark for precise, pure and consistent distribution. High volume processes require high quality systems.

YearJob DetailsLocation
2015-2016Design, supply and install bulk gas and specialty
gas delivery system (inclusive abatement system)
and associated distribution piping, RODI and waste distribution piping.
Batu Kawan, Malaysia
YearJob DetailsLocation
2015-2016Supply and install of bulk gas distribution piping
& H2 system from existing and new gas yard to Fab Building.
YearJob DetailsLocation
2011-2014Design and supply of bulk gas and specialty gas system
and hook up system, gas monitoring and control system
Heyuan, China
YearJob DetailsLocation
2011Bulk gas & specialty gas system design, installation
and management.

Our storage and vaporisation solutions are optimally designed to provide the highest level of performance and cost effectiveness for our clients.

A gas purification system purifies all contaminants to guarantee high levels of gas purity.

We collaborate with all major purifier manufacturers to enable us to select the most appropriate gas purification system that incorporates safety and economical features that meet the needs of our clients.

Our filter skids come with high efficiency and high capacity elements capable of maintaining absolute fluid cleanliness for a wide range of liquids.

Skid fabrication is done in-house, and this ensures the promise of quality that comes with any of our works. We also aim to provide the selection of the right filter elements that meets the practical size requirements of our clientele.

We are industry experts on piping design installations with a focus on high quality and timely delivery.

We have also implemented and applied proven Ultra High Purity orbital welding and fabrication techniques to produce high quality and consistent welds to improve gas purity and leak integrity. This coupled with our K-Flow vision simulation software enables us to simulate pressure drop against pipe size and consumption across a complete system to predict flow patterns to better optimize design, sizing, routing and space management.