Equipment Fabrication

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Equipment Fabrication

We fabricate process equipment according to the specifications and requirements of each client- process tanks, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, process machineries are just a few. Stringent internal testing is done on all our fabrications to certify that it is up to standard. We are a preferred partner to many reputable global companies, and we always seek to meet our client’s high standards.

Project Reference

TOMOE Industrial Gas Malaysia
2016 Liquid Ethylene Oxide (EO) and Liquid Carbon Dioxide (CO2) filling plant :
Equipment erection, supply and install piping system.
Kulim, Malaysia
Air Liquide Malaysia
2012 Liquifier unit equipment erection and piping installation Melaka Malaysia

Filter Skid

Our filter skids are fabricated with our client’s needs in mind to maintain high fluid cleanliness and for all their filtration needs. We are also equipped to handle any kind of bulk storage filtration needs as well.

Heat Exchangers

Heat exchanges are used to effectively transfer heat from one origin to another and is generally used to also heat or cooldown a medium in the process. Our heat exchangers are designed to be both safe and efficient in its use.

Metering Skid

A meter skid is a platform where other devices and instruments are installed on according to the client’s specification and its intended use. It is then used to estimate and track in the metering function.