Corporate Governance

Providing a rigorous system of policies, practices & internal controls upheld by our Board, Management and Employees.

Education and Human Capital Development

Creating a culture of excellence, competitiveness & knowledgable society through continual development of stakeholders.

Productivity & Innovation

Delivering value added and quality solutions that meet our Customers' needs.

Safety and Health

Ensuring a safe and secure workplace as well as proactively managing health and safety risks.

Environmental Care & Protection

Protecting & conserving the environment.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Making a positive difference to the communities we operate in.

Sustainability of Kelington Group Berhad

Our vision, mission, and four core values form the guiding principles in the way we manage corporate sustainability and interaction with our stakeholders. Our four core value comprises of building partnerships, continuous improvement, encouraging innovation and also emphasizing workplace safety.

We recognise that our business operations are intertwined with various stakeholders and their valuable contribution have a significant impact on our market value. A robust stakeholder engagement approach helps us to communicate openly which makes it easier to build trust between us and our stakeholders.

Corporate Governance

We recognise the importance of adopting a good corporate governance culture in the organisation. We also took cognisant of the fact that appropriate standard of corporate governance will generate long term values to the shareholders of the Company as well as other stakeholders. Therefore, we are committed to implement the Principles and Recommendations as set out in the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance 2012 (“MCCG 2012”) with reference to the Corporate Governance Guide (“the Guide”) issued by Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (“Bursa Securities”).

Establish a sound framework to manage risks.

Through the Audit Committee (“AC”), the Board oversees the Risk Management framework of the Group. The AC advises the Board on areas of high risk faced by the Group and the adequacy of compliance and control throughout the organisation. The AC reviews the action plans implemented and makes relevant recommendations to the Board to manage residual risks.

Board Committees

KGB has four Board committees which assist in the discharge of the Board's responsibilities :

Audit Committee
Chan Thian Kiat (Chairman)
Tan Chuan Yong
Soo Yuit Weng
Employee Share Scheme Committee
Ir. Gan Hung Keng (Chairman)
Ong Weng Leong
Tan Chuan Yong
Remuneration Committee
Tan Chuan Yong
Ong Weng Leong
Nomination Committee
Tan Chuan Yong (Chairman)
Soo Yuit Weng

Business Ethics & Integrity

The Board is guided by the Directors’ Code of Ethics in discharging its oversight role effectively. The Code of Ethics requires all Directors to observe high ethical business standards, honesty and integrity and to apply these values to all aspects of the Group’s business and professional practice and act in good faith in the best interests of the Group and its shareholders.

In addition, the Company’s Whistleblowing Policy seek to foster an environment where integrity and ethical behaviour are maintained and any illegal or improper action and/or wrong doing in the Company may be exposed.

Investor Relations

The Group adopts a pro-active approach in reaching out to investors and shareholders, and ensuring regular, fair and timely communication at all times. We are also committed to fostering long-term relationships with the investment community while upholding high corporate transparency standards.

To achieve these objectives, multiple communication platforms are utilised. These include group briefings with analysts, media and investors, one-on-one meetings with shareholders and potential shareholders as well as the Group’s corporate website.

Fair Employment & Human Rights

We embrace fair employment, diversity and inclusivity at the workplace. Our human resource practices are in compliance with the local labour laws in our various countries of operation. We have fair and non-discriminatory processes for recruitment, training and development, performance appraisal and grievance management.

Hiring is based on merit and equal opportunities are provided for career development and progression. Discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, gender, religious beliefs, nationality, age or physical disability as well as unethical and exploitative labour practices, such as child labour, slavery, forced labour and human trafficking, are not tolerated.

Caring For Employees

Catering to the overall well-being of our employees, we organise sports and recreational activities on a regular basis
These activities are well attended and foster strong working relationships between the employees. We also have our Annual Dinners once a year to appreciate our employees and to recognize and celebrate the top performers of the year.

Developing Human Capital

To build a sustainable talent pool to support our growth, we proactively recruit through a number of channels including scholarships, internships and job fairs. We nurture the technical and functional skills of our employees through competency-based training, leadership development programmes, mentoring and job rotation.

Productivity & Innovation

To deliver value-added and quality solutions, we harness innovation and productivity through sustained research & development, process improvements and facilities upgrading. These efforts enable us to provide enhanced capabilities and efficiencies for our customers and enjoy significant cost savings.

  • Engage closely with our customers and contractor partners to solicit feedback and improve processes through a number of channels including customer surveys, project discussions, on-site visits and other events.
  • Continuous improvement in engineering processes.
Research & Development
  • We have a dedicated Technology Development Division led by Ir. Gan Hung Keng and the division consists of Section Head and an R&D Engineer, and is supported by a process engineering team.
  • Continuous Research and Development according to the Company’s R&D policies which are based on our Group’s aspirations and anticipated developments in the industry based on 3 years cycles.
  • Sharing of knowledge/ know-how with strategic partners and clients.
Project Quality
  • Meeting and exceeding our customer’s requirement and expectations.
  • Continuous improvement of our processes and systems
  • Consistently review our Quality Management System to ensure compliance to ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001: 2007 requirements.

Safety & Health

We consider safety as our supreme responsibility and strive to improve the safety of the general public, our employees, employees of our subcontractors and our clients at all levels.

To ensure the successful implementation of this policy, our management, employees and subcontractors will undertake the following responsibility :

  • Management will conduct and implement appropriate employee awareness and education programs.
  • Management at each project will develop and administer programs to meet the project safety, health and environmental needs. Subcontractors, employees and management will participate in corporate audit process including follow-up activities.
  • Employees and subcontractors will inform the management of any working conditions or situations they believe may be unsafe or hazardous to employee health or to the environment.
  • Employees and subcontractors will participate in programs developed to comply with safety, health and environmental standards, which include compliance with governmental rules and regulations at our project site.

Environment Care & Protection

Energy Management
  • Implementation of renewable energy solutions.
  • Install and maintain photovoltaic system on top of our office building.
Materials Usage
  • Disseminate information on how to lower environmental footprint via newsletter.
  • Ensure effective use of natural resources.
Waste Management and recycling potential
  • Adopt green practices and utilization of natural resources responsibly.
  • Manage consumption of direct and indirect sources of energy used in the operations.
  • Use raw materials such as steel efficiently and reduce different types of waste.
  • Encourage recycling for materials including steel scrap and paper.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe in striking a balance between profitability and our social responsibility to the communities in which we live in. We have always encouraged our employees to share their skills and talent with others by contributing their time and energy voluntarily in line with the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.